Finance and investment short courses

We are happy that members of the Arpels family wished to maintain their involvement in the company. Job losses and discontinuation of contracts are common as a result of the scale-down of business activities and travel. Ahead of that meeting, the Group announces that its sales for the five months ended 31 August 2017 increased by 12% at constant exchange rates and by 10% at actual exchange rates. Richemont depository receipts are traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and over the counter in New York and London. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor.

Three of the most popular slider plugins and a lightbox plugin are all part of ' Infinite. The features are here at your service to put the hem in to use and to offer to your visitors. Cryptic has code optimized for lightning-fast performance and SEO friendliness. These security measures are taken to prevent break-ins, loss of money, damage to property or endanger sensitive information. Becoming part of our Group will provide the company with the support it requires to realise its business strategies.

Specifically, the results for the year, including the proposals of the Board of Directors for the appropriation of retained earnings at 31 March 2021, were approved. Indeed, if the companies do not specialize in banking investment, they should not take the risk to address this new market. Specifically, capital gains are subject to a flat tax rate of 30%.

No further comment will be made until such time. Thereafter, to ensure that Richemont and its Maisons can continue to benefit from his wide experience, he will serve as a consultant. Patricia has authored several papers in leading journals of innovation, management and marketing and a book "Lexique du digital".

As previously announced, Mr Perrin will be standing down as Chief Executive of Richemont SA with effect from 1st October this year. The report will be mailed at the end of June to parties who have requested it. concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications.

Historically, gold has been one of the most profitable investments alongside real estate and oil which have held strong even through the ups and downs of the world economy. Knowledge hiding can be a common issue in organizations that adopt Blockchain. Richemont, the Swiss luxury goods group, announces the retirement of Mr Henry-John Belmont, Director of Haute Horlogerie. the other senior executives, Philippe Fortunato, CEO of Fashion & Accessories Maisons, Emmanuel Perrin, Head of Specialist Watchmakers Distribution, and Frank Vivier, Chief Transformation Officer, have stepped down from that committee.